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Edmonton Grocer is the perfect service if you are in self-isolation due to recent travel, or want to avoid crowds to reduce your health risks. By ordering with the e-transfer option, your order can be delivered and dropped off in front of your door, and you can be notified by text message or email once drop-off is about to happen. Due to the uncertainties based on stores selling out of entire product lines and the supply chain being severely stressed due to irrational hoarding, deliveries may be affected. We will make every effort to provide all items on your order, or comparable and competent substitutes where certain items are sold out.

We are Edmonton's fastest and best-priced grocery delivery service, offering FREE delivery right to your door!
Same day delivery available most days with orders placed by 4pm!

(* FREE with qualifying order meeting zone minimum )

We are known for our friendly service, and we'll even put your groceries away if you have mobility issues and need help with that. Our prices are competitive, we offer lots of specials every week, our produce is the freshest available, and our selection is the biggest of any online-store with delivery in Edmonton - currently consisting of over 29,000 products.
Try us, and find out for yourself why we have a perfect customer rating! You'll be happy you did!